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(03) 365-6404


383 Wilsons Road North
Waltham, Christchurch 8011
New Zealand
(Near AMI Stadium) Here is the MAP to find us.


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To avoid delays for appliance spare parts enquiries, please include MAKE and MODEL number.
Where do I find MAKE and MODEL numbers?

Small Appliances: Usually found underneath unit
Microwaves: If not on the back then usually found on the left hand side of control panel with door open
Washing Machines: Usually found on the back, often on the back of the control panel
Clothes Dryers: Usually found on the back or around the door opening
Dishwashers: Usually found on door frame or on cabinet around the door opening
Dish Draws: Usually on cabinet front trim under the top draw when draw is open
Fridges: Usually found on lower inside wall or lower front trim with lower door open
Ovens – Freestanding: Usually found on the back
Ovens – Wall/Underbench: Usually found around the door opening
Ovens – European: Often found in the “warming-draw” compartment or around the door opening

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